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The importance of using ac plugs correctly

ac plugs

In the daily life and work of modern people, the use of plugs is very frequent, but the understanding of the correct use of power ac plugs has not aroused enough awareness. Let’s talk about the importance of correct use of ac plugs.

  1. The choice of power plug

First of all, should choose the plugs produced by regular manufacturers with safety certification marks. Now each country and region in the world has its own safety certification system. The choice of plug first selects products that meet the safety standards of the place of use, such as: Australia And New Zealand’s SAA (Standards Association of Australia) certificates, China’s CCC certificates (China Compulsory Certification), Japan’s PSE certificates, Germany’s VDE certificates (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), the United Kingdom’s BSI certification, the United States’ UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc. ) certification, CSA, cUL in Canada, BSMI in Taiwan, IRAM in Argentina, NOM in Mexico, Brazil Inmetro TUV Approval, VDE in Germany, SII in Israel, IMQ in Italy, KC in Korea, South Africa’s SABS certification, Switzerland’s SEV certification, and more. In addition, when choosing the ac plug, you should also choose a suitable plug according to the rated current, rated voltage, and power properties of the electrical appliances you use. Do not overload the rates of plug, otherwise, it will easily cause the plug to heat up and cause a fire. Finally, choose a suitable plug according to the situation of the socket, and do not use violence to change the original shape of the plug pins, otherwise, it is easy to cause poor contact between the plug and the socket and cause the socket and the plug to heat up, which is also a fire hazard.

power plug burned

Fire in overloaded power strip isolated

Fire in overloaded plug

  1. Use of the ac plug

First of all, make sure that the power plugs and the hands holding the plug are dry. Do not use the plug and hand with water to plug in or unplug the plug, so as to avoid electric shock accidents.

When getting the plug, first check whether the plug pin is loose or deformed. Because the plug may be damaged during transportation, it must be checked before use to avoid using abnormal plug products.

Do not use violence when plugging and unplugging, and pay attention to whether the contact between the plug and the socket is good and whether there is any looseness. During use, pay attention to the use of the plug. If you find that the plug is hot or deformed, you should turn off the electrical appliance at the first time, and then check and deal with it in time. When the electrical appliance is not used for a long time, it is necessary to unplug the plug in time to prevent the plug from heating up in the power-on state for a long time and causing a fire. In addition, unplugging the plug in time and turning off the electrical appliances that have not been used for a long time can also save electricity and do environmental protection. contribute.

power plug

The above safety issues related to the use of power plugs, I hope this knowledge can improve everyone’s awareness of the safety of electricity consumption, recognize the hidden dangers of electricity consumption hidden in the use of plugs, and help everyone to buy safe and satisfactory products. If you have questions about ac plugs, power cords, extension cords, etc., please feel free to contact Green Electric  and you will get a satisfactory answer in time.

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