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Teach You to Choose A Safe Electrical Wire and Cable

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With the popularity of electricity, wires, cables, plugs, sockets and other products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. These things are also indispensable in various buildings, factories and other places, so I believe that you must have purchased a lot of similar products. However, once you buy inferior products, it is a great threat to our life and safety. Today, the editor will mainly introduce you how to choose safe and reliable wires.

The first thing to look at is the quality of the copper wire. The quality of the wire is the first thing to look at the quality of the copper wire inside. If the copper wire inside is purple-red, shiny, and soft in texture, it means that it is a good copper wire; if the copper wire is purple-black, the luster is dim, and it breaks when it is folded, it must be an inferior product. In addition, the copper wire of poor quality will have black residue after rubbing it on the white paper for a few times. Then look at the quality of the insulating sleeve. Don’t underestimate it. This is a very important point in determining the quality of the wire, because this is the most direct instability that can cause other reactions. Its essence is actually the plastic skin on the outside of the wire. A good-quality insulating sleeve will protect well even if the copper wire is broken without any problems, while a poor-quality plastic skin can easily catch fire and burn. We generally observe whether the insulating sleeve is uniform in thickness and should be tightly attached to the core. When pinching it, there will be no more wire cores on one side and less on the other side. In addition, no matter what color the insulating sleeve is, the surface is smooth. The next step is whether the product has passed the certification of the national agency. Although product certification cannot guarantee that there will be no problems, at least the products that have been certified have been tested, and the data are standardized. It is better than no certification. Better without detection. Therefore, whether it is a wire or a switch socket, we must look for the product certification above when purchasing, and don’t be greedy and pay the price for safety. The last thing to understand is the length and weight of the wire. A good quality wire must be reflected in the material and materials used. Some profiteers who like to cut corners are most likely to manipulate the weight and length, which are easy to measure. If the weight of the wire is based on normal conditions, the weight of a qualified 2.5 square wire per 100 meters is about 3kg, and the error should not exceed 0.2kg. If the weight error of the purchased wire is too large, there must be a behavior of cutting corners. Do not use such wires. In addition, some wires and cables of particularly good quality are very heavy, and the same length will appear heavier. These are the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing wires.

Of course, if you think this is very troublesome, I will introduce you a company specializing in wire and cable management – Shaoxing Green Electric Co., Ltd., which comes from China, is power cord, power cord set, power strip, wire, rubber cable , pvc cables, plugs, plug inserts, connectors, wiring, cable accessories and other major suppliers of products, their products fully meet or even exceed international standards. According to our understanding, they attach great importance to cultivating high-quality talents, and also have a lot of advanced equipment, as well as independent export and technical management departments. Also accept ODM and OEM business cooperation.

There is no need to worry about quality problems, the raw materials used in their production are provided by high-quality suppliers. Not only that, all materials must be authentic and certified, such as: environmental certifications RoHS, REACH; and safety certifications from all over the world, such as UL, CUL, BSI, CCC, VDE, KEMA, SEV, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, FI , OVE, IMQ, NF, SIIKS, BSA, IRAM and other certificates, so the products they produce are definitely of high quality. So far, Shaoxing Green Electric Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of production history, but they have not rested on their laurels, but have continued to innovate and develop with the needs of the times. When you see this, you may think, so their products should be expensive, right? Not at all expensive! Their philosophy is to focus on establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with customers, because they understand that customers not only need high-quality products, but also more affordable prices, so they provide customers with the lowest-profit offer to achieve a win-win situation.

If you are interested in purchasing, or to learn more about Shaoxing Green Electric Co., Ltd., please visit their official website www.gepowercord.com.



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