Power Cord IEC CONNECTOR,IEC 60320 C8 Connector ST2D

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

IEC 60320 is a set of standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for interconnecting couplers that connect wires and electrical non-locking devices below 250V. IE C60320 is an international standard for a set of two-pole connectors with or without ground wires for AC circuits. This connector is suitable for a maximum rated AC voltage of 250V.

The maximum rated AC current is 16A, which is a universal, used as a connection between 50Hz or 60Hz power supply and electrical appliances and electrical equipment. Only by changing the plug of the power cord to the corresponding national-specific standard, the IEC60320 electrical coupling device can allow manufacturers to produce the same type of electrical noise to adapt to many national markets. The IEC60320 coupling device also allows the power to be supplied from a set of equipment or appliances to other Equipment or appliances.

IEC 60320 C8.

Because of its cross-sectional shape, it is often called a figure-8 or shotgun connector.Such connectors are commonly used in small cassette recorders, battery/power-powered radios,desk lamp, speaker, LCD, printer, digital camera, heating bag, power adapter equipment, ect.


Model No. ST2D
Type 2 Wire Connector
Rated Current 2.5A~
Rated Voltage 250V~
Standard(s) IEC 60320
Jacket Material PVC
Plug Insert Material PBT/ABS
Plug Pin Material Copper/Nickel Plasting
Color Black/White/Customized



Applicable Cables

60227IEC52(RVV) 2*0.5-0.75mm2 60227IEC53(RVV) 2*0.75mm2 SPT-1 18AWG×2C
SPT-2 18AWG×2C NISPT-1 18AWG×2C SPT-2 18AWG×2C
H03VVH2-F 3G0.5-1.75mm2 H05VVH2-F 3G0.5-1.75mm2 4V-75 250/250V 2×0.50.75mm2

Packaging Information

Export carton and pallet ( optional ).



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