Japan Extension Cord,PSE JET Certified JIS 8303 Standard 2Wire Nongrounded Socket Power Supply Cord

Japan plugs, the pins of plugs are equivalent to the American standard plugs of North America NEMA standard. The Japanese manufacturing standard JIS 8303 adopts stricter size requirements, different marking requirements and mandatory testing and approval by Japanese testing agencies.The cables must meet JIS C3306.the DENAN  approval is required for plug and connector.

PSE(Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials)

Note: Japan has both 50Hz and 60Hz power frequency.


Model No. JZ2-7B/12B/15B
Type 2 Wire Female Plug/Socket
Rated Current 7A,12A,15A~
Rated Voltage 125V~
Standard(s) JIS8303
Approval PSE/JET/RoHS
Jacket Material PVC
Plug Insert Material PBT/ABS
Plug Pin Material Copper/Nickel Plasting
Color Black/White/Customized

Japan extension cord,pse jet approval 2wire plug socket nongrounded power cord

Applicable Cables

(H)VCTF 2X0.75mm2 (H)VCT 2X2.0mm2 (H)VCTFK 2X1.25mm2

Packaging Information

Export carton and pallet ( optional ).