Australia and New Zealand Power Cord 3Pin Plug,AS NZS 3112 Power Plug Power Supply Cord

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  • Delivery: By Sea/By Air/By Railway
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C At Sight
  • Application: Electrical Appliances
  • Voltage: Low/Medium Voltage

Product Details

Brief introduction:

This is a non-rewirable 3wire/prong/pin with wire grounding pin type I plug, Australian plugs and sockets are manufactured according to the AS/NZS 3112 standards of Australia and New Zealand. Used in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and other countries. The electrical standards for plugs and sockets are divided into 10A, 15A and 20A. The form of the plug is flat triangle similar to the China CCC standard, and the pins are arranged in the opposite direction. Certification agencies and testing agencies in Australia and New Zealand are mutually recognized and common. The plug testing standards of the two countries are also consistent.

Model No. A3-7/10
Type 3 Wire/Prong AC Plug
Rated Current 7-10A~
Rated Voltage 250V~
Standard(s) AS/NZS 3112
Approval SAA/RoHS
Jacket Material PVC
Plug Insert Material PBT/ABS
Plug Pin Material Copper/Nickel Plasting
Color Black/White/Customized

Applicable Cables:

H03VV-F 3×0.5-0.75mm2
H05VV-F 3×0.75-1.0mm2

H05RN-F 3×0.75-1.0mm2

H05RR-F 3×0.75-1.0mm2

H07VV-F 3×0.75-1.0mm2

H07RN-F 3×0.75-1.0mm2

3core wire cable

In-Line Swithc/On-Line Switch/ 303 Switc/Switch 304/Swithc317/Dimmer Switch/Light Cord Switch Is suitable

switch 303switch 304switch 317dimmer switch

Cable End

Cutted/Stripped/Tinned/IEC 320 C13 Connectors/Terminals/Customized

australia 3 wire plug a3- 7-10 iec c13 st3australia 3 wire plug a3- 7-10 az3-10australia 3 wire plug a3- 10 az3-10

Cable Terminal/Cable Termination

The cable terminal/termination will be customized.

cable terminals

Packaging Information:

Export Carton/Box;Pallet(optional).

packaging carton


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A: Yes,We are a factory.

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A: Generally 25days for one 20GP.

Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: We would like to accept payment by T/T and L/C at sight.

Q: If the products are tested:

A: Yes,all our products are 100% tested before delivery.

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