IEC60320 is an international standard for a set of two-pole connectors with or without grounding wires for AC circuits. These connectors are suitable for a maximum rated AC voltage of 250V and a maximum rated AC current of 16A; it is a general purpose, used as a connection between a 50Hz or 60Hz power supply and electrical appliances and electrical equipment. The IEC60320 connectors also allow power to be supplied from a set of equipment or appliances to other equipment or appliances. Different types of IEC60320 connectors (the difference lies in shape and size) are specified for different combinations of current, temperature, and grounding requirements. Unlike the IEC 60309 connector, the IEC60320 does not have a voltage code, and the user must confirm that the rated voltage of the device is in line with the voltage of the power supply. Each model of the IEC60320 coupling device is determined by a standard number. Specifically, the model is expressed as the letter C followed by a number, and the standard mark is that the model number of the input male connector of the appliance minus 1 is the model of the corresponding cable female connector. Many types of IEC60320 coupling devices also have popular names. The most common is that the IEC60320 connectors are universal C13 and C14, connectors C7 and C8 are commonly known as “butterfly connectors” and C5 and C6 are commonly known as “Mickey Mouse connectors”.

iec 60320 c15 plug
iec 60320 c20
IEC C60320 C19 Connector ST6
IEC 60320 Straight IEC C14 Connector
IEC C60320 C13 Connector st3