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Electrical wire and cable manufacturing process

The life of modern people is based on sufficient power resources. Electricity is transported by cables to every household, and then drives equipment, lights up the sky, and guarantees travel. Each of us is very familiar with electricity. Do you know cables? Do you know the production process of wire and cable? Perhaps few people have thought about this question, and today I will answer your doubts.

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In the cable production process, wire drawing is the first step. Drawing is one of the very basic wire and cable manufacturing links, and it is also a key process that lays the foundation for subsequent processes. In the process of monofilament drawing, mold compression deformation and other related operations, workshop operators must strictly control the shape and size of the cross section to meet the actual manufacturing requirements, and synchronize various basic data information to the operation platform. The basic operation method of physical deformation and compression is adopted in the wire drawing process, and the sensitivity of automatic operation equipment is relatively high. It is necessary to gradually form an intelligent batch operation and quality evaluation system under the professional guidance of experienced technicians.

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Next is twisting. The stranding operation process is one of the necessary processes for making wire and cable products. The stranding process mainly covers key operational processes such as conductor stranding, cabling, weaving, and winding, and requires effective inspection of the operating parameters of manufacturing and processing equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of stranding operation quality. Especially for wire and cable applications with high engineering standards, it is necessary to precisely manage key operating parameters such as winding rules and direction sequences in the stranding process to ensure that the quality of semi-finished materials produced by each operating node is reasonable. within the range. The specific operation process of the stranding process requires a high level of automation control of the equipment and operators, and the workshop operators also need to regularly check whether the processing equipment has physical faults or system parameter faults before they can mix the wire and cable raw materials in the mold with the raw materials. Accurate correspondence to actual processing needs.

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The third step is wrapping. The coating operation process is one of the wire and cable manufacturing process nodes that needs to be paid attention to, and it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and performance analysis of the coverage and protection effects of different levels to further improve the overall anti-interference ability and stability of the wire and cable. physical properties. In the process of carrying out the coating operation, the workshop operators need to focus on comparing the relevant parameter information entered in the equipment, and check the raw material and product model information multiple times. For wire and cable products with a low pressure resistance level, it is necessary to comprehensively track and supervise the operation effect of the co-extrusion equipment of the shielding layer and the insulating layer. For wire and cable products in communication engineering applications, the coating operation requires physical foam extrusion of the insulating layer of the coaxial cable, in order to further improve the application quality of communication wire and cable products. For different types of electronic materials and components, the corresponding coating operation sequence and parallel operation mode will have very significant differences. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the specific application of this manufacturing process from the perspective of saving raw material resources and reducing energy consumption. rule.


The last is quality inspection. In the new wire and cable manufacturing process, quality inspection is essential, and it is also one of the main factors that directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises. The implementation of quality inspection work focuses on comprehensively tracking and supervising the differences in the traditional and modern wire and cable manufacturing processes, and visualizing data analysis of the actual manufacturing efficiency and performance test index information of different types of products. A variety of information technology means have gradually improved the utilization rate of electronic materials and products by enterprises.

The production process of cables is precise and strict. This is because electricity is not only a problem related to the daily life of thousands of households. If it is not handled properly, it may seriously endanger people’s life safety. Once electric leakage and electric shock occur, it is irreversible. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose cables that have undergone strict process testing and safety certification. A safe cable is not only a power transmission line, but also a life guarantee line!


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