Procurement and Purchasing/Sourcing Agency in China

Perhaps you have heard of procurement agent/purchasing agency, who provide procurement/purchasing agency services for enterprises and individuals in China. These agents typically assist customers in obtaining the required goods or services, including but not limited to raw materials, equipment, consumer goods, professional services, etc. They play an important role in supply chain management, helping customers save […]

Chinese GB Standards: GB/T 1002-2021

The new version of the Home and Similar Purpose Single Plug-in socket types standard is officially released on November 1, 2022 The announcement of the National Standards No. 12 in 2021, the national standards of two home plug -in sockets were officially released by the National Electrical Appendix Deficiency Committee (SAC/TC67). It was officially implemented […]

Standards Of Power Plug Insert

The power plug(ac plug) should be a very common product in our daily life, but the production of the plug is not a very simple thing. Because different countries have different performance requirements for plugs, the official requirements for plugs in some regions of the world are also very different. Let us briefly introduce the product […]

ac plug

The importance of using ac plugs correctly

In the daily life and work of modern people, the use of plugs is very frequent, but the understanding of the correct use of power ac plugs has not aroused enough awareness. Let’s talk about the importance of correct use of ac plugs. The choice of power plug First of all, should choose the plugs produced by […]

The impact of large fluctuations in copper prices on the wire and cable industry

Keywords: copper price, wire and cable, influence Recently, copper prices have been falling for days, from around RMB75,000/ton to RMB63,000/ton, a drop of nearly 16%. So will this affect cable prices? The answer is yes, because copper is the largest part of the cost of the raw materials required for cables. The wire and cable industry […]

string lights

What are string lights?

One of the most popular holiday decorations is string lights(string lamps). These lights are a great way to add ambience and color to anywhere you want. They can also be used to decorate weddings or parties. However, string lights can be very toxic if not handled properly. Running them continuously can be very expensive. Also, […]

cable wire

Electrical wire and cable manufacturing process

The life of modern people is based on sufficient power resources. Electricity is transported by cables to every household, and then drives equipment, lights up the sky, and guarantees travel. Each of us is very familiar with electricity. Do you know cables? Do you know the production process of wire and cable? Perhaps few people […]

wire cable

Teach You to Choose A Safe Electrical Wire and Cable

With the popularity of electricity, wires, cables, plugs, sockets and other products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. These things are also indispensable in various buildings, factories and other places, so I believe that you must have purchased a lot of similar products. However, once you buy inferior products, it is a great […]

Holiday Notice

2022 chinese new year holiday notice

  Holidays Notice of 2022 Chinese New Year   Dear customers and colleagues: 2022 Chinese New Year is just around the corner, our company will be closed for Spring Festival Holiday and has made a holiday plan for this coming holiday: Spring Festival Holiday: Office: Jan.25th(Tuesday) – Feb.06th(Sunday); Manufacturing Workshop: Jan.25th(Tuesday) – Feb.15th(Tuesday). If you have any urgent issues […]