Manufacturer of Power Cords,Plug Inserts,String Lights,Extension cords

Shaoxing Green Electric Co., Ltd. is a main Chinese supplier of power cord, power supply cord, power cable, cord set, power strips, electric wire, rubber cable, pvc cable, plug, plug insert, connector, wiring, cable accessories etc., our products are international standards compliant.

We pay attention to train high-quality talent, we have advanced equipment, independent for export and technological administrative department, and according to modernized management mode operation strictly. We have various power cord products and can produce the customized products. We would like to accept ODM and OEM business cooperation.

Hot Products

NEMA type TT-30P plug
plug insert and plug pin
America extension Cord,UL cUL Approval N5-15r 3Wire Grounded outlet socket Receptacle
Japan Power Cord,PSE JET Certified 3Wire Grounded Plug with Crocodile Clip Alligator Clip
string lights lamps

Why choose our power cords?

Shaoxing Green Electric co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of power cords in China. You can choose our power cords because:

We select excellent materials

The raw materials we need for production are provided by high-quality suppliers, and they are all leading in the current industry. All materials must be authentic and certified to ensure that our products meet the various certifications required by customers, such as: environmental certification RoHS, REACH; safety certifications from all over the world, such as UL, cUL, BSI, CCC, VDE, KEMA, SEV, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, FI, OVE, IMQ, NF, SIIKS, BSA, IRAM and other certificates, so we can Can produce high-quality products.

Professional production technology

We have a production history of nearly 20 years. In recent years, we have continuously introduced advanced technology and equipment to improve the production process. Now we can meet the production needs of current products and provide customers with all-round product services.


We have multiple production lines to ensure timely delivery. We can also maintain the timeliness of customer communication, and promptly respond to customer questions, so that customers can get satisfactory answers.

The best price

We pay attention to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. We understand that customers not only need high-quality products, but price is also the basic factor of whether we can cooperate, so we will provide customers with quotations with the lowest reasonable profit and provide customers with the most cost-effective Products, so that we and our customers can achieve a win-win situation.

Quality Assurance

Our production is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system for quality control, and 100% inspection before shipment. And we have a two-year warranty for the products we produce.

Satisfactory after-sales service

We will always solve all problems with the principle of customer first. 100 percent customer satisfaction is our goal, and customer satisfaction is our value.